We are sure that you and your family are going to love your new above ground pool and all of the features that it will have for you to enjoy! They have become a popular alternative in the last few years to in-ground varieties because they can be installed much more quickly, and they are more affordable and easier to maintain throughout all seasons of the year. Also, they are available with many special features and accessories which make them even more fun to use! For example, we can install special decking for extra privacy, and we can also put a ladder in to make entering and exiting much easier.

What makes them so much fun:

  • Huge Play Area
  • Enormous Patio Decks
  • Privacy Fence
  • Worry Free Decks
  • Walk Around Decks
  • Swing-up Safety Ladders
  • State-of-the-Art Structures
  • Top Quality Liners
  • Quality Filtration Systems

Why select above versus in-ground?

Ambassador Pools takes the most efficient features of in-ground varieties and maximizes them. An in-ground deck is usually less than one third of the total size of the swimming area, yet it is the most accessed part. We maximize this area. As a result, it's:

  • Safer for Children
  • Relocatable (can move with you)
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Less Maintenance
  • Faster Set Up
  • Neater Set Up

Additional advantages

  • NO Insurance Rate Increase
  • NO Additional Fence Required
  • NO Property Tax Hikes
  • NO Additional Deck Needed
  • NO Heater Needed
  • NO Underground Plumbing
  • NO Water Table Problems
  • NO Breaking