As our name implies, we rank right at the top for terrific rectangular pools that are full of fun! We want homeowners to realize that our models are a much better and more cost-effective option than getting an in-ground type installed. Why? In-ground models take much longer to install since the hole for it has to be dug. This takes a lot of time, is expensive, and can be really messy. A great alternative is to have an above ground model installed by Ambassador. They can usually be set up in a few hours and they are really easy to maintain.

In addition to doing the installation itself, Ambassador Pools can also set up a deck and ladders to help with getting in and out much simpler. You can also use your deck as an area to sunbathe on a nice spring or summer day. Never again will you need to listen to your kids tell you that they're bored with nothing to do during the summer!


  • Extruded aluminum perimeter provides superior protection for children
  • Camber-bar system uses suspension bridge technology for structural strength so outstanding that we guarantee it, by design, against the hazard of catastrophic structural failure
  • Dual-filtration system constantly filters out sediment – meaning less time on housekeeping and more time enjoying your daily dip!
  • Stainless steel ladder which allows safe and comfortable climbing. Its polished look never needs maintenance, and it swings up and out of the reach of too curious children!
  • Water Walls provide lifetime security, requiring no maintenance; they're rust-free, rot-free and maintenance-free forever.
  • A foundation that employs the strongest grade of extruded aluminum used in the industry today.
  • Patio decks and walkways are worry-free, because of a unique design of interlocking panels of extruded aluminum – shielded by electrostatically bonded, slip resistant paint.