After decades of searching for the best above ground pools, Ambassador Pools's settled on Kayak's engineering, which has produced a way to get rid of the structural troubles that can induce average models to fall in. And since we offer services in a dozen states, you know that our reputation is built on professionally engineered installations and attention to detail.

  • Ours is composed of a single Kayak stretch of extruded aluminum that runs the complete circumference of the pool and bonds into the deck, walls and wall studs.
  • Its interlock feature is a one-piece structure, getting rid of the possibility of detachment due to water pressure.

This design includes a liner receiving system to do away with the need for over-the-wall liners, making the installation safer.

Basically, it is the same as suspension bridge engineering science – with spring metal construction that acts like a shock absorber. No ugly buttresses, and nothing to trip over.