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Maryland homeowners may have easy access to some fantastic beaches, but having your own swimming pool is a fantastic way to enjoy peaceful and convenient relaxation on your own property this summer. While many people choose in-ground pools, there are quite a few advantages to choosing above ground pools. Maryland homeowners should see what Ambassador Pools has to offer when it comes to creating a backyard summertime retreat.

Ambassador Pools has over 50 years of experience installing pools and creating happy customers throughout Massachusetts. We specialize in Above Ground pools, In Ground pools, and Recessed pools for family fun in the sun! Our high-quality pools are built to last, expertly installed and virtually maintenance-free to own.

Ambassador Pools is known for building the best pools you can buy, backed by a 30-year warranty and outstanding service. We're here to answer any questions you have—from surveying the location for your pool, to financing and installation. Our only focus is your total satisfaction.

Why Above Ground is Better

In-ground pools have their advantages. They can be specially customized in amazing ways and boost the property’s value. However, they require careful, extensive, and costly maintenance, are virtually permanent, and typically incur a much higher cost of ownership over time than above ground pools. Maryland has a variable climate, and above ground pools are much easier to drain and secure during the cold winter months. Once summer returns, filling your pool and preparing it for swimming is a snap and typically only takes one or two days.

Above ground pools are extremely versatile when it comes to their shape, size, design, and accessories. Once an in-ground pool is built, it’s permanent unless you or a future owner of your property decides to tear it out and fill in the void. You won’t have to worry about this if you decide to move after purchasing one of our above ground pools. Maryland homeowners moving within Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia will have easy access to our local representatives.

Relocating your above ground pool is simple and leaves minimal signs on the property once it’s gone. If you decide to move after building an extensive deck area around your above ground pool, the buyers will more than likely love the additional value, while you can enjoy a higher selling price. Ambassador Pools’ above ground pools offer fantastic value with minimal maintenance and hassle.

Expert Guidance for Planning Your Pool

The Ambassador Pools team wants you to have the best experience possible while designing your pool, so we’ll be with you during every step of the design phase. Depending on the layout of your home, the surrounding terrain, and any existing deck structures you’d like to enhance, there will be countless possible choices. Adding onto an existing deck or creating a multi-level deck with your pool can create dramatic, impressive effects with lots of space for summer activities by the pool. Creating a custom deck around your new pool is also a great investment and a fantastic way to create a fun and relaxing pool space on your property.

Once we meet with you and design your pool, we’ll decide where to place it. Even if the ground isn’t completely level, we can level and grade the building site so your pool is secure and supported. If you ever decide to relocate your pool, you can rest assured knowing your above ground pool doesn’t use any underground piping or structures and leaves minimal damage once it’s been dismantled.

Simple Installation

After the building site is level and ready, we’ll start building your pool by erecting the side panels and framing. After the joints are secure and ready to handle the liner, we’ll attach it along with metal supports around the outside for added stability. Top quality liners are wear resistant, easy to clean, very durable, and available in several options.

Once the framing and liner are ready, we can add any additional structures like decking, ladders, filtration housing, and any other customization options you choose. After finishing the pool structure, we’ll fill the pool and test the water so we’re certain it’s safe for swimming. Installation for most above ground pools in Maryland will only take one or two days, so your family should be ready to swim the next day after installation.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining an above ground pool is much simpler and far less stressful than an in-ground one. Because in-ground pools require regular draining, extensive cleanings, treatments, and more expensive filtration parts and repairs, in-ground pool owners may miss out on several days of pool use at a time due to maintenance issues. You will have much less to be concerned about with maintenance of our above ground pools. Maryland homeowners who choose Ambassador Pools enjoy very thorough instructions for pool care, and the supplies you need are available at a fraction of what you’d spend maintaining an in-ground pool.

Maryland swimming pools from Ambassador Pools also come with our support, so if you need any help or have questions about maintaining your above ground pool, you can reach out to our representatives in your area and we’ll be glad to assist. Whether you purchase an Ambassador Pools proprietary above ground pool or an award-winning Kayak above ground pool, we’ll gladly offer expert advice anytime.

You also won’t have to worry much about the walls of your pool. Our above ground pools’ walls are rust-proof, rot-proof, and carry lifetime warranties. Compared to the cost of ownership for in-ground pools, the difference in value over time is clear. If you’re ready to investigate what Ambassador Pools has to offer for your home, reach out to our team in Maryland. Pools are fantastic summer fun, but they’re also important investments. So rely on the experts and let us help you build the backyard escape you’ve always wanted with an above ground pool.