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New Jersey residents may have easy access to some of the best beaches on the East Coast, but there’s something special about having your own pool for quiet, convenient summer relaxation at home. Ambassador Pools is here to supply New Jersey homeowners with the best options in above ground pools for completely customizable and affordable summer fun. If you’re looking for a new pool company, NJ members of the Ambassador Pools team will be happy to help you design and install the perfect above ground pool for your home.

Above ground pools offer several benefits in NJ. Pools in variable climates often require draining during cold weather and regular cleaning to remove leaves, pine needles, and other debris falling from trees. Additionally, building near the sea means considering safety from extreme weather. Above ground pools from Ambassador Pools cover all your bases and offer tremendous value.

Ambassador Pools has over 50 years of experience installing pools and creating happy customers throughout Massachusetts. We specialize in Above Ground pools, In Ground pools, and Recessed pools for family fun in the sun! Our high-quality pools are built to last, expertly installed and virtually maintenance-free to own.

Ambassador Pools is known for building the best pools you can buy, backed by a 30-year warranty and outstanding service. We're here to answer any questions you have—from surveying the location for your pool, to financing and installation. Our only focus is your total satisfaction.

Why Above Ground?

Many people think that in-ground NJ pools automatically hold more value than above ground pools. However, while in-ground pools may certainly boost property value and provide an attractive selling point, they are somewhat limited compared to above ground pools. Ambassador Pools supplies our own brand of above ground pools as well as the award-winning Kayak Pools above ground pool. NJ homeowners should consider the perks of investing in above ground pools.

An in-ground pool is essentially permanent. If a homeowner wants to remove or replace an in-ground pool, the costs can escalate very quickly when you consider demolition, removing underground piping and filtration system components, and potential interference with local water tables. Above ground pools avoid these issues and offer a relocatable alternative. If you ever decide to move, you can take your above ground pool with you with minimal fuss. Should you choose to build an extensive deck structure with your new pool, it will more than likely entice homebuyers if you must leave it with the home.

When investing in a pool, you need to consider the maintenance requirements as well as how much the pool will cost to own over the years. In-ground pools involve thorough chemical treatments that can sometimes take days to finish. Additionally, any major problems with an in-ground pool may leave it out of service for the season. Above ground pools from Ambassador Pools are built to last, easy to clean, and require virtually no extensive maintenance.

Easy Installation

Once you decide to purchase an above ground swimming pool, NJ members of our team will go over your options for size, shape, and orientation. When you work with Ambassador Pools, you don’t need to stress out about pool installation. NJ Ambassador Pools’ team members will help you choose the right pool and then help you choose the best way to complete your new pool space. We offer heavy duty decking built from worry-free materials to help minimize slip and fall accidents.

There’s no need to excavate if you need to level the ground for your pool’s location. If the ground isn’t completely level, we can minimize the digging and then grade the building site for the deck. Once installed, you don’t need to worry about damaging the environment. Above ground pools from Ambassador Pools feature ecologically-friendly building materials. Deck materials are responsibly sourced and high quality, so there’s no need to worry about expensive upkeep. No matter how you envision the deck that accompanies your new above ground pool, we’ll help make it happen.

Some homeowners simply want a free-standing above ground pool that’s easy to clean and maintain. Our smaller pools drain quickly and leave no lasting damage to the site if you decide to move. New Jersey pools need to be drained for the cold winter months, so a smaller above ground pool offers an easy, no-hassle solution for beating the summer heat. Larger above ground pools, like the Kayak Pool, are just as easy to winter-proof, as well. Additionally, all of our above ground pools feature heavy duty walls that are rust-proof, rot-proof, and environmentally friendly. Cleaning your pool inside and out will be quick and painless so you can spend more time enjoying your pool than cleaning it.

Safety and Maintenance

Above ground pools are more customizable than in-ground varieties, and this helps make them safer for kids in several ways. Above-ground pools built by Ambassador Pools feature worry-free decks that allow for ample room, even when you’re entertaining lots of guests. You can also easily build a privacy fence around your above ground pool. Whatever customization you may have in mind, our team will help make it happen.

Maintenance for our above ground pools is easy compared to in-ground pools. Chemical treatments are fast and easy, and after we install your pool it’ll be ready for use the day after installation. We use state-of-the-art filtration systems so you can rest assured knowing you and your family are safe to swim in your new pool. When it comes time to drain and cover your pool for the offseason, we’ll provide care instructions so your pool is ready to go next summer.

After purchasing your above ground pool, we’ll ensure the filtration is working properly and provide instructions for maintenance. The filters included with Ambassador Pools and Kayak Pools are simple and easy to clean. If you ever need additional supplies or have any questions about your filtration system, we’ll be readily available to help however possible.

Ambassador Pools Support and Commitment to Satisfaction

If you ever have any questions about maintenance and troubleshooting, you can reach out to one of our local representatives in your area. You also don’t need to worry about losing our support if you decide to move. We have local branches in Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. If you move within any of these states, we’ll be glad to assist with relocating your above ground pool to your new home.

The team at Ambassador Pools wants to help you build the perfect pool for you and your loved ones. Pools are significant investments, and we’ll walk you through every step of the design process so you can be certain of the value you’re getting, and you can depend on Ambassador Pools for ongoing support for years to come. While in-ground pools may be tempting to some, above ground pools offer greater versatility, customization, and a far more attractive cost of ownership. Start imagining your ideal backyard pool space today, then give Ambassador Pools a call when you’re ready to start building and enjoying your summers to the fullest.