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Virginia’s climate means warm springs and hot summers, and an above ground pool from Ambassador Pools can be the perfect solution for relaxing during the hot summer months in VA. Pools, especially our above ground options, require very little maintenance and provide tremendous value for years. Our team will help you find the perfect location and size pool for you and your family, and you’ll be surprised how easy an above ground pool is to maintain.

Why Choose Above Ground?

The main benefit of choosing an above ground pool instead of an in-ground one is cost. Above ground pools cost far less both in terms of initial purchase price and cost of maintenance. In-ground pools typically require careful maintenance and sometimes extensive repairs. Accessories and maintenance equipment for in-ground pools are generally more expensive than those for above ground varieties.

Above ground pools are also portable! If you buy an in-ground pool, it will certainly add property value to your home and almost certainly lead to a higher sale price if you ever decide to move, but the in-ground pool stays with the house. You can take your above ground pool in Virginia wherever you happen to move with minimal hassle. Additionally, depending on where you and your family move, you’ll still have easy access to an Ambassador Pools’ representative.

Our local reps perform installations and maintenance in Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. If you plan on moving within any of these states, Ambassador Pools will be there to help you take your above ground VA pool with you to your new destination.

What About Installation and Maintenance?

When it comes time to install your pool, the Ambassador Pools team will meet with you at your home to choose the best location to install the pool on your property. Depending on the shape, size, and style of above ground pool you want, we can design various configurations on your property, all with countless possible customization options. Some of our pools are perfect for large parties, while others offer family fun and easy relaxation in the summer.

Once we’ve helped you select the right pool, we’ll place it however you like on your property. If the area isn’t perfectly flat, we’ll level and grade the building site before starting construction. Once we’re ready to start building, we’ll set up the side walls and then fasten the joints. After the bottom of the pool is installed, we’ll build the metal support posts along the outside and attach them to the top of the pool liner if necessary. After that, your new pool is ready to be filled. After filling, we’ll attach the required filtration hoses to your filter and test the water to ensure it’s safe for swimming. Finally, we’ll arrange the ladder to help you and your family get in and out of your new pool.

Maintenance is far less stressful with an above ground pool than an in-ground one. In-ground pools must be drained and cleaned regularly. For your above ground pool, you simply need to find the right cleaner for the model you have, based on its dimensions. When it comes to cleaning debris from your pool that may clog your filtration system, we can install a pool vacuum that will clean debris from the bottom of the pool, and a skimmer will help easily remove debris floating on top of the water.

What Kind of Options Are Available?

One of the best things about Ambassador Pools’ above ground pools is their versatility. Homes come in countless styles and varieties in Virginia. Pools should reflect the home’s design and fit the homeowner’s vision of what the pool should look like. We’ll work closely with you to help you find the right configuration for your home.

Whether you want a privacy fence to deter nosy neighbors, a worry-free, slip-proof deck to protect the kids, or you have an existing deck system you’d like to revamp with your new pool addition, we have an answer for you. Options are just that – options, so there are no hidden accessories you’ll be forced to buy for your pool. You let the Ambassador Pools team know what you want and what you expect, and we’ll work closely with you to make it happen.

Virginia homeowners have countless possible options for above ground pools. Our VA pools are low maintenance, provide fantastic cost of ownership, and are easily relocatable so you can take them with you if you decide to move. Virginia pools are the perfect way for you and your family to relax, have fun, and beat the heat this summer, so contact Ambassador Pools to start designing your perfect above ground VA pool today.